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The Grand Podcast LogoThe Grand Podcast is about babbling crazy person, Grant Watson, who talks about social justice for those who battle mental illness, random babbles of life, and even some murder and crime thrown in to spark your fancy wide open. Check back weekly for new content. The first few episodes go over the social justice and awareness of mental health. Not everyone knows exactly how a person with mental illness will react and interact with those surrounding them. It is our job to spread the news on what actually happen in their brains and how individuals with a "normal" brain can those that do feel "human" again. The others that follow simply go forth with the babbling blunder of a computer science major college student.

The Grand Podcast Intro #1

In this episode, I try to introduce you, the listener to what The Grand is all about. I fail miserably and overshoot. At least that is what I think. Come on, it is my very first episode, tell me what you think of me.

Depression Part 1

In this episode, I try to go over what depression looks like, how to help those who have depression. I hope you enjoy this episode!

Depression Part 2

In this episode, I tap onto some of the topics of depression that I did not cover in my first part. More importantly, the opposite of last episode, I go over what Depression is not to a person who suffers it.

Bipolar Disorder Episode

In this episode, I try and cover what the signs of Bipolar Disoder looks like to the individual that has not been diagnosed with BPD. In this episode, I go over what it is and is not.

Babble Talk #1

In this episode, I don't even remember what I talked about, oh yeah! Regrets and life decisions. Can you tell I didn't go to therapy this week lol.

Babble Talk #2

In this episode, I go over travel. Travel is such a spiritual awakening that I suggest that everyone do. Meaining traveling to a new state that you have never been before, or a new country that you never been.